We provide a vast set of services to ensure one company can provide all the necessities.

Mission Statement

At CDH Construction Inc. we believe in building lasting relationships through well managed, well performed projects. It is our goal to build a team from the beginning, which starts with the brokers and the client, and then to the architect all the way through to include the building engineers, and all sub-contractors. We feel that if the team is built from the beginning this will always ensure a successful project since everyone will be involved from the beginning to the end. We strongly believe in listening to everyone from the beginning so that all voices can be heard and no one is left out.


We genuinely value our employees and subcontractors as our greatest assets – they alone have the ability to provide a stable and solid foundation for each project, and the pioneering thinking and inspired minds necessary to design and execute the best resolution for any challenge.

Our team at CDH Construction Inc., with their years of experience in the industry, understands that the key to successful and long lasting relationships with our clients is communication and customer service.



CDH proudly serves the Washington DC, Northern Virginia, and Maryland regions